The Science Behind the Euphoric Effect of Drinking Two Bears Coffee

Euphoria is a state of intense happiness, amplified pleasure, heightened energy, and total relaxation. Activities such as exercising, meditation, and laughter can put us in a euphoric state. Drinking Two Bears oat milk products produces the same effect. And this is not a hyperbolic ad: we have scientific proof. In this article, we’ll explain how Two Bears’ oat milk and frothy lattes can help your body experience euphoria naturally.


  • How Drinking Two Bears Heightens Your Energy
  • How Drinking Two Bears Induces Relaxation
  • How Drinking Two Bears Causes Euphoria
  • The Bottom Line
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How Drinking Two Bears Heightens Your Energy

Energy has multiple definitions across various fields and in the aspect of the human body alone. To generalize the categories, energy in our body is either divine power or our mental and physical capacity to perform different tasks. Both are significant in the context of achieving euphoria. What we are able to do—whether it builds ourselves or unites us with others—transcends our overall well-being.

But this isn’t as easy as how those motivational quotes make it seem. It’s not just a matter of conditioning your mind to view things from a certain perspective. It has a lot to do with our physical health. We need nutrients that can strengthen our bodies and minds so that we can attain that euphoric energy. Carbohydrates are the most common source of energy, but they can cause weight gain or increase our risk of diabetes, heart disease, and high cholesterol. 

What we need are “smart carbohydrates” which can be found in whole grain foods such as oats. The easiest way to consume oats’ energizing nutrients is through oat milk. You won’t have to make a whole meal and you can simply add it to your morning coffee. It’s the best alternative milk out there since it’s free of dairy, lactose, soy, and nuts. It is also creamier than most types of milk since it’s higher in those good carbohydrates. It’s one of the reasons our best-selling oat milk lattes have a distinct frothy texture. 

Oat milk’s slow-digesting carbohydrates are known distributors of B vitamins. These vitamins are responsible for moving oxygen and energy around the body. They help enzymes break down what we eat or drink into sustainable fuel for our body. So after a long day of work, you can still do some evening gym or yoga session without feeling depleted afterwards. 

B vitamins are also known to promote the release of dopamine. Dopamine is the chief neurotransmitter that’s responsible for euphoria. This chemical is produced by our brain when we experience pleasurable moments. Lower levels of dopamine cause mental and physical fatigue, poor memory, inability to concentrate, reduced motivation, and depression. 

How Drinking Two Bears Induces Relaxation

Relaxing is ironically one of the most challenging things to do. It’s the common struggle people from different ages and professions share. It has given birth to terms like the “millennial burnout” which confirms that anxiety, depression, and exhaustion has practically become the default state of an entire generation. 

There are various factors contributing to this problem. But what’s certain is that from a biological standpoint, we’re most likely suffering from dips in our serotonin levels. Serotonin affects our feelings of well-being, happiness, and satisfaction although it doesn’t typically cause euphoria like dopamine. This neurotransmitter is more of an enhancer or a catalyst to the elevated state. It keeps us relaxed by stabilizing our mood, anxiety, aggression, and sleep.

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The good news is that our diet can assist with the production of our serotonin levels. For instance, oat milk is also a good source of serotonin. Oats contain tryptophan which is an amino acid converted into serotonin by the brain. This conversion is also made easier by the vitamin B3 present in oats. This conversion is important since it puts our body in a relaxed state before sleep. 

Tryptophan-produced serotonin can also be further converted into melatonin. Melatonin is a hormone released by our pineal gland at night. It is known to control our sleep-wake cycle, making sure that we’re alert at day and getting enough rest at night. Studies have shown that regular intake of tryptophan can help adults fall asleep faster and longer at night. It also decreased symptoms of anxiety and depression. 

Tryptophan is an essential amino acid that our body cannot produce by itself. We have to obtain it through our diet. Consider making Two Bears’ premium oat milks or oat milk lattes a part of your daily diet to ensure your body gets sufficient supply of this relaxation-inducing amino acid.

How Drinking Two Bears Amplifies Feelings of Happiness

Happiness can mean a lot of things depending on the person. But in euphoria, happiness is at its simplest form—feeling good about yourself. It’s the reason many of us meditate or do yoga. We need that mental clarity, freedom from worry, and recharged mental and physical power. These effects are a result of a boost in our dopamine levels. 

As established in the previous sections, oat milk is indeed a good source of B vitamins that enhances dopamine production and of serotonin which frees us from anxiety. But the most important role the Two Bears oat milk plays is balancing the effect of coffee in your system. 

Caffeine keeps us alert through manipulating dopamine production by slowing down the rate of dopamine reabsorption and injecting adrenaline into our system. In result, we start feeling tired or even depressed once we’ve metabolized caffeine. Then we go on the cycle of drinking more cups of coffee to keep ourselves active. There are studies linking this caffeine-dopamine connection to caffeine addiction.

Two Bears Chai and Matcha Latte

Adding a splash or two of Two Bears premium oat milk in your coffee may help reduce that caffeine dependence. Unlike caffeine, oat milk doesn’t manipulate the release of dopamine. Oats contain uridine which is a nucleoside that aids the creation of new dopamine receptors in the brain such as D-2 receptors. These receptors play a vital role in our motivation and drive. 

Oats are also rich in tyrosine. It is the amino acid known as the precursor to dopamine. It makes us more tolerant to high levels of stress. Getting enough of this in your diet can help your brain generate adequate amounts of dopamine. 

This natural ability of oat milk to help boost our dopamine levels can leave us in a motivated, feel-good state even when the coffee’s effect has worn off. That can prevent us from drinking too much coffee during the day and hopefully improve our sleep at night. 

The Bottom Line

Oat milk is a flavorful source of nutrients that can help us achieve a greater sense of well-being—the ultimate euphoric state wherein we become in touch with our deepest and highest potentials. Two Bears processes its products as naturally as possible, making sure that the nutrients from oats are freshly and purely carried into its milk and canned latte products. We are dedicated to delivering the healthiest and frothiest energy source you can take with you in every important moment of your day.

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