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Craft Your Moments.

Inspired by Nature. Created in Canada. Awesome Anywhere.

Craft Your Moments.

Inspired by Nature. Created in Canada. Awesome Anywhere.

Our Story

Be Ferocious

We’re Two Bears. We’re inspired by nature, proudly Canadian, and ferocious about what we do. We know how that sounds. You hear “bear” and “ferocious” and think, “Save the children!” but that’s not it. To us, being ferocious means embracing the things you love, because that’s how you make life vibrant. That’s when you create something new, do something that’s never been done, and reach new levels of awesomeness.

For us, that’s crafting premium oat-based drinks that are healthier, more delicious, and always convenient. To you, it may be something else. Whatever you enjoy, be ferocious about it.

Meet The Bears

Joe, Co-founder: PRODUCT/CRAFT

Not-so-average Joe. Family Man. A craftsman in the truest sense of the word. From brewing beer at home to making the perfect pizza, Joe’s unmatched passion and commitment to craft is Two Bears’ secret ingredient. Joe started a cafe a decade ago and brings his expert coffee knowledge to the craft of Two Bears. His days are filled with finding the best beans and tinkering with roasting, constantly innovating to bring you the best possible product. He truly puts his heart and then some into everything he does. Thanks for keeping us above average, Joe.

David, Co-founder: BRAND/BUSINESS

Our CEO and Co-founder David started Two Bears from the back of his van and has never looked back. His ambition, grit, ability to figure out any problem, and inability to take “no” for an answer moves our company forward. David is driven by self-improvement and meaningful connections; his spirit is truly what makes the Two Bears brand so special. He is committed to helping others be the best they can be, and the way he conducts business is a complete reflection of that. From boxing, to learning Spanish, to making the perfect eggs, nothing David does is half-hearted – and we’re excited for our future because of it.

We use our 23 years of combined experience to make the best craft roasted beans, flash-brewed non-dairy frothed lattes, and delicious unsweetened oat milks so you can savour every moment.