Great Ways to Upgrade Your Iced Coffee Experience At Home

So, you’ve learned the ins and outs of how to make the perfect iced coffee at home. And naturally, you’re ready to take the next step: how can I upgrade my iced coffee to an enviable, frothy, and delectable standard?

We’re glad you asked! In this piece, we’ll provide you with some ways you can upgrade your iced coffee experience at home that will be sure to impress. You’ll have everything you need to know to be your own family and friends barista and showcase your coffee making knowledge and skills


  • Enhance the Flavour Profile of Your Iced Coffee
  • Making Vietnamese Iced Coffee
  • Explore Alcohol-Infused Iced Coffee
  • The Bottom Line
Two Bears Boulder Blend, Latte, and Oat Milk

Enhance the Flavour Profile of Your Iced Coffee

What better way to step up your coffee time then with a pop of flavour? With simple syrups, freshly grown mint, or a cheeky dash of booze (for evenings and weekends), there are endless options to create an iced coffee with a twist. And best of all, you can adapt your very own recipe to your liking. Let’s see some simple ways to upgrade your typical iced coffee.

Sweeten up your morning drink with a Two Bears salted caramel iced coffee

Fancy satisfying your sweet tooth? A simple way to spruce up your morning iced coffee is by adding something a little sweet. Add a dash of salted caramel as an easy way to liven your drink up. Salted caramel offers an oozing, silky texture that complements the natural richness of coffee. If you want to pair your iced coffee with salted caramel, coffee beans such as our Boulder house blend, which contain rich chocolate-y and caramelized flavours, serve as a great foundation. What better combination than coffee, caramel, and chocolate!

Stay delicate with a lavender laced Two Bears iced coffee

Looking for something unique, floral, and delicate? For an iced coffee you’ll surely want to try in the summertime, why not sample this lavender laced iced coffee for a refreshing and balanced combination? It’s super simple: you only need 5 ingredients to make it, and it can be whipped up in just 5 minutes!

Add a little spice with a cinnamon dolce frozen Two Bears coffee

If you like cinnamon, this recipe is the perfect one to keep hold of to make over and over again. When you’re looking for an affordable, creative, and fun recipe to try out on a hot summer's day, this one is ideal for a universally enjoyed sweet, spicy, and sumptuous flavour. Cinnamon dolce is an ever-booming trend, combined with great tasting coffee that you can make from your very own home.

For a cooling treat, enjoy a minty fresh iced coffee

A handful of mint leaves will be sure to add a little boost to your iced coffee. Mint is a great flavour for adding a hint of freshness to your drink. If you’re a lover of mint-themed beverages, then you will love trying to make yourself a mint iced coffee.

Flash brew your iced coffee

Adding awesome sweets, spices, and garnishes isn’t the only way to unlock your iced coffee’s flavour profile, however. One of the best ways to ensure that your iced coffee captures the floral notes, acidity, and aromas that coffee has to offer is by choosing to flash brew, rather than cold brew, your coffee. Because hot water release’s coffee’s hallmark oils and natural sugars, the flash brewing process is well-equipped to extract coffee to unearth flavours in a way that cold brew, which uses cold water to extract, cannot.

Flash Brew vs Cold Brew graphic

During the flash brewing process, hot water is poured over ground coffee and is then immediately drained into a container of ice, which instantly chills the coffee. Flash brew coffee is actually brewed with half as much water as normal, using the melted ice from the process as the other half, to ensure the coffee still maintains the perfect water to coffee ratio.

Making Vietnamese Iced Coffee

If you’re looking to really take your iced coffee game to the next level and create a rich and creamy treat without the need for an extensive ingredients list, then the vietnamese iced coffee is a luxurious temptation. Who knew that condensed milk could work such wonders! It allows for a velvety texture and is certainly a combination to enjoy as an indulgent luxury. This South-East Asian recipe has been described as “overwhelmingly sweet” and “heaven in a glass” due to sheer creaminess of the condensed milk.

Vietnamese Coffee

And of course, if you’re enjoying this delicacy, we recommend using oat milk. It’s great for the environment and for you! Fortunately, oat milk can indeed be used as a delicious substitute to create condensed milk.

Explore Alcohol-Infused Iced Coffee

Have you got a garden party coming up, or maybe you’re looking for an alternative to your typical cocktail during the evening? By spiking your iced coffee with a little booze, this can add a lease of life and an added sharpness. Whatever the season, this article has you covered. Switch up your favourite tipple depending on your mood and the ambience! An alcoholic iced coffee is the perfect wind down addition on the weekend as an extra special treat.

One of the advantages to iced coffee is that there’s no need to worry about your coffee getting too cold: you can truly use your coffee to slow down and be mindful with each and every sip. So, treat your coffee concoctions lovingly and style it out with new and fun ingredients. By crafting your own iced coffee, you have a great opportunity to control exactly what you want to go into your very own taste profile. By using quality coffee and ingredients at home, you’re also saving your hard-earned money and getting crafty in the kitchen. 

The Bottom Line

Whether you’re someone who reaches for a standard iced coffee everyday, maybe you’re always looking to try new flavours and trends, or you like to bring the party to your glass with a little alcoholic addition, iced coffee is on the rise and is here to stay. There’s plenty of exotic, flavoursome, and decadent flavours to upgrade your iced coffee. You choose how simple or glamorous your recipes are to satisfy your coffee needs!

At Two Bears, our mission is to energize your mission, your moments. In a world of influence, our hope is to reconnect you with you so that you can make meaningful connections with the world around you. We craft the freshest, frothiest energy for you to sip and turn into whatever you need that day – human connection, motivation, creativity, confidence, slowness... we encourage you to craft your moment with Two Bears, whatever that moment may be.

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