What are flavour notes in coffee?

Does Two Bears add flavour to our coffee beans?
The answer is 100% No, Nope, Never, Nada!!! 

So where do the flavours come from if they’re not added?

The flavour, which is also commonly referred to as tasting notes, are natural characteristics to the coffees and not added flavour. In its raw state, coffee has flavours reminiscent of fresh-cut grass, the roasting process helps to develop the myriad of flavours that you could taste in a cup of coffee.

Coffee can have many different naturally occurring flavours based on many factors; where and when it’s grown, how it’s processed, how it’s roasted, it's variety, and how it’s brewed.

Roasted coffee actually has a wider spectrum of potential flavour notes than wine.

Coffee has thousands of unique chemical compounds that result in many different flavours. It's one of the most complex beverages in the world!

The chemical compounds found in coffee that give it natural flavour are similar to the compounds found in the actual comparison. For example, when a tasting note is cherry, the coffee contains a similar chemical compound found in a cherry!

coffee tasting notes explained
How Does Two Bears choose the tasting notes that go on the bags?
Our head roaster, Jason, tastes tons of different coffees every week, side by side, in a process called "coffee cupping". The coffees are evaluated and flavours are selected that best represent the flavour profile of the coffee.

To pick out flavours, Jason uses the above coffee tasters flavour wheel

Hopefully this gives some insight into the world of coffee and its incredible, NATURAL flavours. 

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