6 simple steps to flash brew coffee at home

 What you'll need

Coffee carafe or vessel (minimum volume of 1 L)

Any pour-over brewer (Hario v60, Kalita, Chemex etc.)


200 grams of ice

38 grams of your favourite Two Bears Coffee

Hot water


Stir stick




We will use the Hario v60 for this recipe but you can use any pour-over brewer that you prefer.


  1. Place the coffee brewer (Hario v60) on top of the carafe, then the paper filter inside coffee brewer and rinse with hot water. This is to remove any potential paper taste in your final brew; it also helps the filter to stick to the brewer.


  1. Dump the water from the carafe and fill the carafe with 200 grams of ice. You may rinse out the carafe with cold water before adding the ice, but not necessary.


  1. Fill the brewer with the ground coffee and gently shake the brewer from side-to-side to ensure that the coffee brew bed is relatively flat. After this, tare the scale until it reads zero grams.


  1. The brewing process will take place with multiple pours. The first pour is called the bloom, it is best to aim for a 1:2 ratio of coffee to water. For this recipe, the first pour will be around 80 grams.

    Start your timer and begin pouring water onto the coffee bed in a circular motion to ensure all the coffee is saturated. Stop when the scale reads around 80 grams and wait for 40-45 seconds.


  1. After the bloom, we can start pouring the rest of the hot water--our target volume is 400 grams. You can pour in as many increments as you wish, but please ensure that the coffee bed is always covered and that each pour is in a circular controlled manner


  1. Once the coffee stops dripping, give the final brew a stir. We recommend a final brew time of 3:00-4:00 minutes so adjust your grind if needed.


Serve in a glass over fresh ice and enjoy black or add a splash of Two Bears oat milk

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