Our Mission

Mission: Craft your moment

Our mission is to energize your mission, your moments. In a world of influence, our hope is to reconnect you with you so that you can make meaningful connections with the world around you. We craft the freshest, frothiest energy for you to sip and turn into whatever you need that day – human connection, motivation, creativity, confidence, slowness… we encourage you to craft your moment with Two Bears, whatever that moment may be.

For us, a sip of Two Bears takes us to the ingredient’s origins; from a vast Colombian hillside overlooking a local coffee farm to enjoying a beautiful, breezy afternoon on an oat farm in Saskatchewan. Where does your sip take you?

How/why we do it:

We created a company that we want to work at, with products that we want to drink. Inspired by a life that allows you to connect to the world, not just your immediate circumstance, we chose craft and coffee to fulfill those inspirations, then elevated our vision and products to scale our audience and appeal. Picture a craft brewery, except for everything plant-based that uses the most artisanal procedures to extract the best taste from our finely procured ingredients sourced locally and across the globe.

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