• SIMPLE INGREDIENTS; COMPLEX FLAVOUR: Our oat milk lattes are vegan, soy-free flash cold brew coffee drink made using organic, direct trade coffee beans. Flash cold brewed for less acidity with a nuanced, complex flavour.
  • ETHICALLY MADE NITRO COLD BREW: Made with direct-trade beans, we work directly with farmers to find the world's top coffee beans. We eliminate middlemen so more money goes to the farmers.
  • PROUDLY CANADIAN: Our flash cold brew coffee drink uses a house-made Canadian oat milk. That, along with being nitrogen-infused, helps create a creamy feel and a delicious, subtly sweet taste.
  • DAIRY-FREE LATTE: Kick-start your day by simply reaching into your cupboard or fridge for a dairy-free flash cold brew latte. Ensure you shake the can to disperse the nitrogen to make it super frothy.
  • CONVENIENT CANNED COLD BREW BEVERAGE: Each 250 ml can has 135 mg of caffeine, 80 calories and includes natural, wholesome ingredients like filtered water, organic coffee beans, and natural flavour.



Directions: Shake vigoursly to dispurse the delicous frothy nitrogen. Either consume directly from the can or pour into a glass to increase the creaminess. 

Frothed Salted Caramel Oat Milk Latte (6 pack)

  • 6 count of delicious NITRO Flash brew Salted Caramel coffee Latte