Our Coffee

Just like great novelists have a process, so do the beans we put into every bottle of Two Bears coffee. Before the high-quality beans make their way into our drinks, they go through a lengthy process of transformation. Starting off as tiny seedlings, it takes 5 years before a coffee plant matures. Once fully developed the small trees sprout the cherries that contain the beans. The fruit from the plant then takes around 9 months to ripen. Once matured, the harvesting begins

Two Bears starts with premium direct trade green coffee beans sourced from dedicated farmers in the Huila region of Colombia. Only speciality grade coffee is selected which is a process of sorting and selecting the beans based on quality. Only the best beans in the world pass the stringent testing of green bean coffee. On average only 3% of the world coffee production is deemed speciality grade and we are lucky to source some of the best coffee Colombia has to offer. The coffee is then roasted by Joe Angelotti at Pig Iron Coffee an award winning Toronto craft roaster. The coffee is ground and steeped in cold water for 16 hours, filtered and bottled. This cold extraction process results in a rich, smooth coffee concentrate with a natural subtle sweetness. No sugar added or needed, unless you want too

Our commitment to quality rests upon a promise to ethically source our green beans while ensuring each batch is of the highest quality. Every year, owners David and Moustafa travel to Columbia to visit farms directly. They meet with the farmers that produce the coffee bean in the region of Huila. This ensures that Two Bears can trace their coffee from the bottle back to the farm.

From farm to bottle, they assure that they deliver a high quality and socially sourced product for everyone to enjoy. Our brew is bottled and sent out to local businesses and markets around Canada. We are proud to have a bean to bottle model, which promotes fair wages to farmers and local quality production.


The cold brew process of brewing coffee uses room temperature or cold water Roasted and ground coffee steeped for 12-24 hrs.
The cold brewing process produces a finished cold coffee that is up to 60% less acidic based on the average PH of cold and hot brewed coffee.  PH is a measure of acidity where the lower the number the lower the acidity.  The process also produces a smoother, subtly sweet and more balanced cold coffee compared to the hot brewing method and then cooling it down.