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Where can I find you?

Check out the find us page to see the retailers that are carrying our brew.  If you are a potential retailer, reach out to us at [email protected] and we will take care of any questions or needs you have.

How much caffeine is in your cold brew

Each 295ml serving of our cold brew has a similar amount of caffeine as a comparably sized filtered coffee

Is your coffee organic?

We do source only organic green beans and focus on using only natural ingredients.  We have not had our finished product certified organic as of yet though.

Is your cold brew Vegan

Yes, all of our cold brew coffees are vegan

Are you gluten free

Though coffee and all the ingredients we use are gluten-free, we have not had our product certified by a third party as gluten-free.

Can I keep your cold brew out of the fridge?

Until our bottles are opened it is safe to keep the brew outside of the fridge.  We do strongly recommend you chill our brew before consuming but that can be done anytime!